‘Passover Partners’ Project a Huge Success

United with Israel’s ‘Passover Partners’ project provided an opportunity to express love and support for hundreds of IDF soldiers, both materially and spiritually.


Through the ‘Passover Partners’ project, people around the world were able to assist hundreds of IDF soldiers, not only with essential supplies for the Passover holiday, but with emotional support and encouragement as well.

United with Israel, in cooperation with Standing Together, were able to make this special project a reality once again this Passover.

Approximately 500 Passover packages, which included staples such as matzoh, grape juice, coffee, tea, sweets and much more, were distributed to needy IDF families.

Many young IDF members – 18, 19 and 20 years old, on average – spend the holidays with their families, and some are in need of financial assistance. While dealing with such challenges at home, these courageous young men and women continue to defend the Jewish state day and night. The security of the State of Israel depends on them.


The IDF provides each soldier with his or her essential needs, but the army cannot provide for their families. This is why becoming partners with these families was so crucial.

Yet the purpose of the ‘Passover Partners’ project goes beyond providing food packages…

It is equally important to boost the morale of these young soldiers who often have no idea that people around the world appreciate them. When they receive these gifts, which include personal messages of love and support, they are deeply moved.

The outpouring of affection and concern motivates them even further to continue in their heroic task of defending the State of Israel.

Messages of Appreciation Have Profound Effect

The program is run in full cooperation with the IDF.

Each army unit includes a social worker, who assesses their needs. These professionals let us know exactly what is required. Only those truly in need could receive the assistance.

“We can hardly believe that so many people around the world really care about us,” said one soldier, upon receiving his package.

“Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts,” said another.

Providing Essentials, Boosting Morale and Maintaining Dignity


The soldiers themselves were assigned the task of distributing the packages to families throughout the country. In order to avoid embarrassment, groups were assigned to deliver to families of soldiers from different units, thus allowing these brave fighters on the receiving end to maintain their dignity.

While loading the goods in the parking lot of a local supermarket, a passerby noticed the activity and asked how she, too, could become a partner in this worthwhile program, which makes a profound difference in the lives of hundreds of IDF soldiers defending this tiny bastion of freedom in the Middle East.

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Apr. 10, 2014