Jerusalem – In the Eye of the Universe!

DOVID GREENUnited with Israel is excited to share this powerful look at Jerusalem from the eyes and heart of singer/songwriter Dovid (David Green). The song entitled “Jerusalem – Eye of the Universe” is from his new inspirational album, “Journey to the Real You.”

United with Israel has partnered with Dovid to try to share this video with as many people as possible and the opening verse really sums up why.

Soul of the world
in the heart of the land
together we stand in the
eye of the universe

We all know that no matter what happens in Jerusalem, it is always in the Eye of the Universe, and in the headlines in the news in all corners of the world. But how often do we get to enjoy such a positive view as the one shared in this video. Dovid takes you from sunrise to sunset, from the distant mountain tops to the close up views of the faces of Machane Yehudah, the Jewish outdoor market. As much as we need to articulate our unbreakable commitment to Israel, it can be a frustrating uphill battle to counteract all the anti Israel propaganda constantly bombarding the media.

DOVID AT KOTELThe professional and refreshing approach of this video shows the artists passionate connection between the historical layers of Jerusalem and the deep crevices of his own heart and soul. Again quoting the lyric “I can’t believe I’m witnessing centuries in the history of my soul”.

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