UWI’s Trip to Support the South: A Huge Success!

United with Israel held a solidarity trip to southern Israel, to install bomb shelters for kindergarten children and plant fruit trees donated by supporters from around the world.

Baba Sali GraveOn Sunday, April 28, 2013, the Jewish holiday of Lag B’omer, United with Israel held a special event in southern Israel to demonstrate solidarity with Israeli communities that have been pounded with rocket fire over the last 13 years. Nearly 100 people, including lots of kids, joined us on a hot summer-like day in the south. The day started out by visiting the grave of the Baba Sali, otherwise known as Rabbi Yisrael Abuhatzeira, a great Moroccan rabbi and kabbalist who was known to have the ability to perform miracles. On Lag B’omer, although hundreds of thousands of Jews flock to the grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in Meron (located in the Galilee), others visit the grave of the holy Baba Sali in southern Israel. The atmosphere was very festive, full of music and joy, despite the fact that three rockets were fired towards Netivot just the evening before.

United With Israel event 102Our next stop in Netivot was the Be’er Miriam pre-school to install two bomb shelters for kindergarten classes. There, Yuli Heimovitz, Netivot’s chief engineer who is responsible for the safety and welfare of the city, addressed the United with Israel group. He asserted that presently in Netivot, most of the bomb shelters are old-fashioned and that they only exist in the “new” housing in the city. He explained that bomb shelters are completely lacking within the old section of Netivot. As a result, “it is not possible to send the children to school whenever there is an escalation in rocket fire,” Heimovitz explained. And that is why UWI installing bomb shelters that are easily accessible to both students and teachers is so critical.

UWI Bomb ShelterShmuel Bowman, the executive director of Operation Lifeshield attended the event and addressed the crowd. Founded in 2006 in the wake of the Second Lebanon War, Operation Lifeshield’s goal is to assist Israelis who live under fire to be able to carry on their lives as normally as possible. Bowman believes that utilizing above ground shelters could help achieve this goal for it allows Israeli families “to live as normally as possible”, with peace of mind. Above-ground shelters are able to do this in a way that underground shelters cannot for they are more easily accessible when you only have 15 seconds to run for cover and they are easily and quickly installed and can be moved if necessary. Much thanks goes to Operation Lifeshield for facilitating the delivery and installation, which were the 7th and 8th bomb shelters that United with Israel has installed in the last year.

Rabbi Ofer MaimonRabbi Ofer Maimon, a father of children who attend the Be’er Miriam Kindergarten told how a grad rocket once fell just a short distance from the Be’er Miriam Kindergarten. He explained that his children attend school as long as there isn’t a “war”, even though rockets can and do still fall. Of-course, his family worries very much each and every day about the fate of their young children. Rabbi Maimon was very thankful to United with Israel for providing bomb shelters that provide not only safety, but much needed peace of mind.

Bell ShelterThe head of the kindergarten, explained how after rocket attacks, many children suffer from shock and sometimes require hospitalization. The rockets that were fired on Lag B’omer eve, the night before this event, ruined the festive holiday for some of the children in the city.

UWI ShelterThe highlight was the actual “dropping” of the shelters into the kindergarten play areas from cranes above. As unfortunate as the situation is for the families of Netivot, the relief they felt after the shelters were positioned just a few feet from the classroom doors was palpable. Admittedly, it was very “cool” to see the shelters falling from the sky as a long overdue and much needed protective measure. It goes without saying, but nevertheless should be said, that G-d is our real Protector and our fate is clearly in His hands only. At the same time, we believe that it is our obligation to do what we can to protect ourselves in a “natural” way, not relying upon miracles. That is the Jewish way.


Tifrach OrchardUpon successfully installing the two bomb shelters, the trip moved on to a small village known as Tifrach, about 15 minutes away in the direction of Beer Sheva. In response to the 1500 rockets that exploded in Israel during the 6 day mini-war with Hamas this past November, United with Israel initiated a successful campaign to plant 1500 fruit trees in southern Israel. We are happy to report that this goal was reached and surpassed. Tifrach was the recipient of some of those trees, as the families on the trip planted over 100 olive trees in a new section of Tifrach’s large olive orchard.

SK-0602Following a presentation about the importance of planting in the Land of Israel, and all of the unique agricultural Torah laws that apply specifically in the Land of Israel, we learned about this special town and its dedicated citizens. Shmuel Rappaport, the great-grandson of the revered Torah giant Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, has been instrumental in the development of this community. The residents of Tifrach combine studying the Torah with working the land. They have planted large olive tree orchards and produce their own top-grade olive oil. Soon Tifrach will be opening up a yeshiva high school that in addition to religious studies will educate youngsters about agriculture.

Planting Olive TreesAnd then it was time to plant. Although it was quite hot in the afternoon, both young, old, and all ages in between, took their shovels and young trees and got to work. It was truly a labor of love, knowing that the Land was becoming fruitful and green, due to the generosity of Israel-lovers around the world who dedicated trees in honor or in memory of their loved ones.

UWI TripWhile the majority of our group were American Jews who immigrated to Israel, there were several non-Jewish participants as well. One of them, Jane Marriot, who has been in Israel for over 8 months, felt that it was very important to plant trees since it helps to beautify the land despite all of the ugliness that occurs, a clear reference to the Hamas rockets. Nora Wisdom, a tourist from Dublin, felt that it was a wonderful idea to plant trees to “help Israel become as green as her native Ireland.” Catherine McBride, an Irish Catholic Irish nun who lives in Jerusalem, came to plant trees to honor a friend who passed away.


UWI Bomb ShelterIt was a wonderful day that brought loads of smiles to the residents of both Netivot and Tifrach, as well as to the participants. The real thanks goes to United with Israel’s global community of supporters. It is due to their friendship, concern and unwavering financial support that made this very special day possible. The residents of both communities, Netivot and Tifrach, along with the staff of United with Israel, thank the wonderful people all around the world who proudly stand united with the People, Country and Land of Israel.


Jerusalem – In the Eye of the Universe!

DOVID GREENUnited with Israel is excited to share this powerful look at Jerusalem from the eyes and heart of singer/songwriter Dovid (David Green). The song entitled “Jerusalem – Eye of the Universe” is from his new inspirational album, “Journey to the Real You.”

United with Israel has partnered with Dovid to try to share this video with as many people as possible and the opening verse really sums up why.

Soul of the world
in the heart of the land
together we stand in the
eye of the universe

We all know that no matter what happens in Jerusalem, it is always in the Eye of the Universe, and in the headlines in the news in all corners of the world. But how often do we get to enjoy such a positive view as the one shared in this video. Dovid takes you from sunrise to sunset, from the distant mountain tops to the close up views of the faces of Machane Yehudah, the Jewish outdoor market. As much as we need to articulate our unbreakable commitment to Israel, it can be a frustrating uphill battle to counteract all the anti Israel propaganda constantly bombarding the media.

DOVID AT KOTELThe professional and refreshing approach of this video shows the artists passionate connection between the historical layers of Jerusalem and the deep crevices of his own heart and soul. Again quoting the lyric “I can’t believe I’m witnessing centuries in the history of my soul”.

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“Israel: The Eternal Bond”

We are proud to introduce a great new way to learn more about Israel from the comfort of your home: INTERACTIVE israel_eternal_bondLEARNING ON-LINE!

All you need is a computer with an internet connection. If you’re reading this now, then you’ve got what you need!

Our interactive classes will be broadcast LIVE with teachers from Israel!

Birkat Ha-Cohanim.
We are beginning with a one-time introductory course presented by Rabbi Yaacov Schwartz entitled “Israel – the Eternal Bond”. You will learn why a tiny piece of earth known as the Land of Israel has been so critically important to the Jewish People.

There is no charge for this course. We want you to join us and let us know what you think…


Golda MeirCourse Description:
What is the eternal bond that the Jewish People have with the Land of Israel? Join us on this journey through history, from biblical times to the modern day State of Israel, highlighting the deep, unbreakable connection between the People and the Land of Israel, and its awesome, everlasting impact upon the entire world. Learn why Israel matters so much!

Date: Sunday May 19, 2013
Time: 12:00pm (Noon) EDT = 9:00am PDT = 7:00pm Israel time
Length: One Hour
Price: Complimentary


This class will be broadcast LIVE and will allow for questions and answers and the end of the presentation. Much appreciation to our partner Project Sinai for the use of their technology and interactive teaching environment. Please tell all your friends to join this event!

Rabbi Yaakov SchwartzAbout Rabbi Yaakov Schwartz:
Rabbi Jay Yaacov Schwartz M.A. L.M.S.W. holds several prominent positions in the Jewish community. All of his professional affiliations focus on the integration psychology, spirituality and healing with a special emphasis on Jewish Law and Hasidic thought.


UWI Supporters are Partners in Promoting the State of Israel

United with Israel’s global community of supporters are partners with the Israeli government and the IDF to improve the State of Israel’s image around the world.

Bennett and Gerbitz
[JERUSALEM] United with Israel recently met with Israeli Economics Minister Naftali Bennett to explore innovative ways to improve Israel’s image internationally. As the world’s largest pro-Israel community with over two million supporters on Facebook, UWI has an extended friends reach of nearly 400 million people. Bennett, an outspoken voice for Israel who oversees the Ministry of Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs, understands and appreciates the power of social media. Minister Bennett was instrumental in forming and promoting My Israel, a popular Hebrew-language Facebook page for Israelis (https://www.facebook.com/MyIsrael).

Minister Bennett, who formerly served as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Chief of Staff, congratulated UWI founder Michael Gerbitz on the recent milestone of reaching two million fans on Facebook. Last year, when UWI’s Facebook page grew to over one million fans, Bennett declared that UWI “redefined the meaning of hasbara (public relations).” Remarkably, Prime Minister Netanyahu himself became UWI’s one millionth fan.

Edelstein and GerbitzBennett also introduced the United with Israel team to Yuli Edelstein, who at the time served as Minister of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs. Well respected on both sides of Israel’s political spectrum, Edelstein currently serves as Speaker of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament). He commended United with Israel on “all of the wonderful work it has done to enhance the image of Israel around the world and to assist the State of Israel in its struggle to inform the international community of the true Israel.” He added that he “fully supports” United with Israel’s mission and that “we share the common goal” of promoting Israel around the world.

Netanyahu and UWIUnited with Israel has received endorsements from the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as the Foreign Affairs Ministry. This includes a message from Prime Minister’s office praising UWI for “improving the State of Israel’s image around the world.” Israel’s former Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon also issued a statement commending United with Israel for its “skilled use of the internet and social media.” He noted that it is “comforting to know that Israel has a partner that will help citizens of the world better appreciate Israel’s vibrant society and improve their understanding of Israel’s delicate political situation.”

Avital LeibovichThe United with Israel community of supporters is proud to partner with the Israel Defense Forces Spokesperson’s Unit in combating the delegitimization of Israel in cyberspace. Lt. Colonel Avital Leibovich, who heads the IDF’s foreign press branch, said that in “times of need” the IDF is “thankful for partners like the United with Israel community who play an important role.”

Ayalon and GerbitzDuring armed conflicts, such as the IDF’s Operation Pillar of Defense of November 2012 in which Israel defended itself against Hamas rocket attacks, UWI works closely with government ministries and the IDF’s New Media Department to fight for Israel on the battlefield of public opinion. Anti-Israel media bias and delegitimization attempts increase dramatically in times of war. United with Israel’s powerful reach on the internet helps the State of Israel complement its military success with important victories in the global media war. UWI is committed to fighting – and winning – the cyber war for Israel.

United with Israel IDF Chanukah PartyEvery year during the holiday of Chanukah, United with Israel sponsors a party for hundreds of IDF soldiers on their army base. The soldiers are given ‘warm winter’ care packages, menorahs and lots of great food. In 2012, the party was help on the Ugdat Aza base, just a few kilometers Israel’s border with Gaza. It was particularly meaningful since the party took place very soon after Israel’s mini-war with Hamas terrorists (Operation Pillar of Defense). The soldiers were extremely happy to celebrate Chanukah with members of the United with Israel community.

Gateway to Zion Tour of IsraelUnited with Israel helps the State of Israel not only in the area of public relations, but also in the field of tourism. Working with the Ministry of Tourism, UWI has promoted Israel’s official tourism websites through a series of highly successful Facebook promotions. The natural beauty and meaningful religious sites of the Holy Land are an “easy sell” for Israel admirers around the world. UWI is currently promoting a unique Jewish Heritage Tour of Israel for people of all faiths which will take place in March 2014. So far the response has been overwhelming.

In October 2011, an Israeli non-profit organization known as Meuchadim Im Yisrael (Hebrew for “United with Israel”) was approved by Israel’s Ministry of Justice. This enabled UWI supporters to donate funds toward promoting Israel around the world. UWI enjoys an excellent relationship with Israel’s Ministry of Justice and the Rasham Haamutot (non-profit registry), under which it is licensed (Registration #580549137).

Gerbitz with IDFUnited with Israel is an independent grassroots movement and is not funded by the State of Israel. Although UWI does work in partnership with Israeli government ministries and the IDF, it is funded solely through the generosity of Israel supporters around the world. Donations have been received from every corner of the globe, including Muslim states and Arab countries such as Jordan and Saudi Arabia!

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Support Israel

We Support Israel!

United with Israel’s IDF Chanukah Party – 2013

On Thursday evening November 28, 2013 (Thanksgiving Day), the second night of Chanukah, American and Israeli families joined Israeli soldiers on the Chatmar Shomron Military Base to celebrate Chanukah and say “Thank You” to our beloved Israeli soldiers. This army base is just a short distance from the biblical city of Shechem, a Palestinian-run city in Samaria known in Arabic as Nablus, which has become a primary base for terrorist operations.

You can watch a highlights video of this amazing party right here:

The LIVE STREAM was broadcast on Thursday November 28 5:30pm – 7:30pm Israel Time. You can watch the recorded video of the LIVE stream right here!

The event will feature music, dancing, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings, Chanukah sufganiot (jelly donuts), special presentations and of-course, the “Lighting of the Menorah”. The soldiers will be lighting a very special Menorah that was created from the remains of kassam rockets that exploded in Israel. Nearly 15,000 rockets have been fired from Gaza in the last 13 years. An Israeli artist has transformed these missiles of terror into something of unique beauty and light!

givati idf soldiersThe soldiers on this base are stationed in one of the most dangerous areas in all of Israel. Shechem, the biblical city in which our patriarch Abraham (the first Israeli ‘settler’) stopped when he journeyed from Haran to the Land of Israel (“And Avram passed through the land until the place of Shechem” – Genesis 12:6), has become a hotbed of ‘nationalistic’ fervor and a central breeding ground of Palestinian violence and terror. The soldiers on this base are from the Shaked battalion of the Givati Brigade, a superior fighting and counter-terrorism intelligence unit. They greatly deserve our expressions of Thanksgiving!

joseph's tombShechem is home to Kever Yosef, the tomb of Joseph, whose bones were cared for by Moses and transported through the Israelites’ 40 year journey in the desert until reaching their final destination in the Land of Israel. The tomb of Joseph, one of Judaism’s holiest sites, has been repeatedly vandalized by Muslims and has seen much violence over the last two decades, including the murder of Israeli civilians and soldiers at the site. Although off-limits to Jews for most of the year, United with Israel is trying to arrange a visit to Joseph’s Tomb to pray and light Chanukah candles, under the protection of Givati soldiers, after the party has ended.

givatiThe Chatmar Shomron Military Base has a unit of plainclothes soldiers who are involved in undercover operations in some of the most dangerous Arab towns in Samaria. Their job is to infiltrate terror cells and arrest would-be terrorists before they strike. The young men and women on this military base are an integral part of Israel’s front line against terror emanating from Judea and Samaria and have prevented numerous terror attacks against Israelis.

They are outside most of the day and get very cold in the winter, just like we all do!

A special ceremony will be held in honor of the soldiers in which ‘Warm Winter’ care packages from ‘United with Israel’ supporters will be given to the soldiers. Personal letters from admirers all around the world will be presented as expressions of gratitude and unity.

If you are interested in attending, buses will be leaving from Ramat Bet Shemesh at approximately 2:00pm. The buses are ‘protected’ and will have a military escort to and from the base. Due to security concerns, private vehicles will not be allowed on the military base. The cost to attend is $18 per person (or 60 NIS) and includes transportation plus a Turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Since spaces are very limited, payment must be made at the time of reserving your spot.

For more info about the event, or to make a reservation, please contact us:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 052-768-1192

After you make a reservation, you can click here to pay online.
United with Israel, in cooperation with the IDF, will broadcast this event LIVE from the military base on Thursday Nov 28, with streaming video embedded on this page (above).




.To provide “Warm Winter” packages, write a personal letter to a soldier, donate the “Sderot Menorah” or become a sponsor of the event, please visit: https://unitedwithisrael.net/soldiers

We are honored to thank the brave young Israeli soldiers who risk their lives every day to protect and defend the People of Israel. And we are very grateful to THANK ISRAELI SOLDIERS for all of the amazing work they do for the soldiers. And for making this event possible!

Please JOIN US in saying ‘THANK YOU’ to our beloved soldiers. Send a gift Today!

idf warm winter


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Bring Purim Joy to Israeli Victims of Terror

Send Gift Baskets to Victims’ Families

Bring Purim Joy and Blessing to Israeli families who have suffered the pain and trauma of a terror attack. Your gift will touch their hearts and make the holiday celebration extra special!

Children enjoyng Purim

Share Blessing & Joy with Victims of Terror

Along with your gift, include a personal message of support and encouragement – so greatly appreciated by the families.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of terror victims who have suffered greatly and need our compassion and love.

The most tragic victims are the children, whose pain is devastating. Kids need and deserve to have fun! Join us in sending goodies and toys
to these special children.

We thank you for your kindness and generosity towards these heroes of Israel

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Reflecting Upon a Year of Growth and Support for Israel

With the Jewish New Year upon us, now is the opportune time to reflect upon the accomplishments of United with Israel and what we can look forward to for next year.

As the world’s largest grassroots, global, pro-Israel community, United with Israel’s focus has always been to connect people from around the world to the great miracles and blessings of the People, Country and Land of Israel.

Act Now for IsraelWith the help of our incredible community of supporters, we have been successful in combating anti-Israel media bias and promoting pro-Israel advocacy through dozens of ‘Act Now for Israel’ initiatives with hundreds of thousands of participants. We’ve spread positive news about Israel to millions each and every day. On Facebook, we’ve grown to nearly 2 million strong. And we’re approaching 400 million ‘friends of fans’ who have been exposed to pro-Israel messages. All because of YOU – the great friends and supporters of Israel!

We’ve turned our ‘Likes’ into real action items, such as:
– Built 10 Portable Bomb Shelters for Israeli children (with 2 more on the way)
– Planted over 3000 Fruit Trees throughout the Land of Israel
– Provided thousands of IDF soldiers with fleece jackets and other essentials
– Sent hundreds of gifts, toys and personal notes to victims of terror and their families
– Signed up 150,000 people in support of keeping Jerusalem united as the eternal capital of Israel

Plant Fruit TreesOur plan for next year is to keep growing and growing ! We are committed to reaching millions more and ‘speak their language’. That means translating all of our websites, facebook pages and emails into a variety of foreign languages.

We will mobilize the masses in more in 150 countries to stand with Israel. Our ‘friends reach’ on Facebook will approach one billion. The sky is the limit and when it comes to helping Israel we will reach for the stars.

Please join us by become a Monthly Partner in our efforts. Together, we can spread the miracles of Israel to the corners of the earth and bring Israel to it’s rightful place in the world. We need your help to make it happen. Please join us in supporting Israel!

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Rocket damage in Northern IsraelDue to the Syrian threat of attack, the people of Israel find themselves in increased danger. Although war is nothing new, Syria’s recent chemical attack – gassing its own citizens – has Israelis very concerned. As many scrambled to receive their gas masks, IDF reserves have been called up to report to their bases.

We informed you about the need for a kindergarten bomb shelters in the north, on Kibbutz Gesher HaZiv. Thanks to the power of the “grassroots” and the generosity of friends like you, two bomb shelters have been ordered within a few days and are on their way!

build bomb shelterHowever, the need for portable shelters is ongoing. With your help, we can supply more needy children in exposed communities with the protection they need.


We are truly privileged to have friends like you all around the world. The People of Israel thank you for your generous support and pray for the day when ‘swords will turned into plowshares’ and peace will dominate the ends of the earth.

The United with Israel Family wishes all of you a wonderful New Year full of blessing, hope, happiness and peace. Amen.

Shana Tova and Blessings from Israel!

‘Passover Partners’ Project a Huge Success

United with Israel’s ‘Passover Partners’ project provided an opportunity to express love and support for hundreds of IDF soldiers, both materially and spiritually.


Through the ‘Passover Partners’ project, people around the world were able to assist hundreds of IDF soldiers, not only with essential supplies for the Passover holiday, but with emotional support and encouragement as well.

United with Israel, in cooperation with Standing Together, were able to make this special project a reality once again this Passover.

Approximately 500 Passover packages, which included staples such as matzoh, grape juice, coffee, tea, sweets and much more, were distributed to needy IDF families.

Many young IDF members – 18, 19 and 20 years old, on average – spend the holidays with their families, and some are in need of financial assistance. While dealing with such challenges at home, these courageous young men and women continue to defend the Jewish state day and night. The security of the State of Israel depends on them.


The IDF provides each soldier with his or her essential needs, but the army cannot provide for their families. This is why becoming partners with these families was so crucial.

Yet the purpose of the ‘Passover Partners’ project goes beyond providing food packages…

It is equally important to boost the morale of these young soldiers who often have no idea that people around the world appreciate them. When they receive these gifts, which include personal messages of love and support, they are deeply moved.

The outpouring of affection and concern motivates them even further to continue in their heroic task of defending the State of Israel.

Messages of Appreciation Have Profound Effect

The program is run in full cooperation with the IDF.

Each army unit includes a social worker, who assesses their needs. These professionals let us know exactly what is required. Only those truly in need could receive the assistance.

“We can hardly believe that so many people around the world really care about us,” said one soldier, upon receiving his package.

“Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts,” said another.

Providing Essentials, Boosting Morale and Maintaining Dignity


The soldiers themselves were assigned the task of distributing the packages to families throughout the country. In order to avoid embarrassment, groups were assigned to deliver to families of soldiers from different units, thus allowing these brave fighters on the receiving end to maintain their dignity.

While loading the goods in the parking lot of a local supermarket, a passerby noticed the activity and asked how she, too, could become a partner in this worthwhile program, which makes a profound difference in the lives of hundreds of IDF soldiers defending this tiny bastion of freedom in the Middle East.

Click here to learn more about the Passover Partners project.

Apr. 10, 2014

UWI Delivers Bomb Shelters to South While Under Fire

United with Israel donated two bomb shelters last week to a community near the border with Gaza as rockets were falling throughout southern Israel.

Merhavim Regional Council Mayor Shay Hajaj

Merhavim Regional Council Mayor Shay Hajaj (R) tells UWI Executive Director David Zeit about the issues facing residents in the south. (Photo: UWI)

United with Israel, with the help of UWI supporters around the world, several days ago donated two new bomb shelters in southern Israel, where the population has been suffering intense rocket fire from Gaza.

One shelter was placed at the Merhavim Junction just outside the community of Gilat, located in the western Negev desert between the cities of Be’ersheba and Ofakim. Gilat is an agricultural cooperative settlement – in Hebrew, a moshav.

The other will be used within the moshav. It has been put right outside the Kollel (academy of higher Torah learning).

Two bomb shelters were delivered to southern Israel this week courtesy United with Israel supporters. (Photo: UWI)


These two additions make a total of four shelters donated within two weeks and 16 since the beginning of UWI’s bomb shelter campaign just over two years ago. Earlier this month, UWI had delivered shelters to the city of Netivot, where it was desperately needed.

While delivering the new shelters last Thursday, the first day of the Protective Edge ground operation, David Zeit, UWI’s executive director, met with Merhavim Regional Council Mayor Shay Hajaj and other community leaders regarding the needs in the south. Although rockets have been landing in the center of the country and occasionally in the northern districts, those residing in the south, within 40 km. of the border with Gaza, are bearing the brunt of the hostilities.

United with Israel label on shelter. (Photo: UWI)

United with Israel label on shelter. (Photo: UWI)

Zeit and the mayor discussed issues such as the emotional well-being of the southern residents, who have been fired upon relentlessly by Hamas and other terrorist groups since Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza in the summer of 2005.

“This is all part of UWI’s ongoing campaign of reaching out and finding worthy causes that may not have been otherwise found, and helping,” Zeit said.